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Abortion Activists Can’t Stand How Poor Women Have Big Families

June 11, 2013

Abortion Activists Can’t Stand How Poor Women Have Big Families by Lisa Correnti | Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (CFAM) — In the grand ballroom conference attendees gasped at a video in which a woman said she had twenty-two children. The message was clear – we must do everything we can to stop this. And […]

Sex Eduction for Kids

April 11, 2011

A workshop on Sex Eduction for Kids (6-9 years old) entitled “The Birds, The Bees and Your Child” is a collaboration between AWAM with Discovery House. The event is on 16th April 2011. You can find more information on the workshop by following the link to The Star online parenting portal – “Parenthots” below. Interested […]

Gay casanova cheats 193 victims

March 16, 2011

Gay casanova cheats 193 victims PT Foundation operates a Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) programme and provides free and anonymous HIV testing services in Malaysia. Call 03-4044 4611 (office hours) or 03-4044 5455 / 5466 (telephone counselling) or visit for more info. 10 Mar 2011 ‘Gay’ man swindles 200 others in Malaysia […]

TV3 – Norazlin Readzuan, is it her?

March 2, 2011

Majalah 3 Host ( TV3 – Norazlin Readzuan )

15 negara pengahasil video porno

February 8, 2011

Teman-teman sekalian di sini gw bakal kasih tau 15 negara pengahasil video bokep aka video porno TERBESAR DI dunia ini gw ambil dr altavista nama webnya gak jelas ni gw translit pake bahasa dewa NO.15 malaysia wahhh ternyata eh ternyata kalo gw pikir2 negara yg cukup alim ini adalah penghasil video bokep juga karena mereka […]

She lost her virginity at 13

September 19, 2010

She lost her virginity at 13 HARIATI AZIZAN Mon, Jul 12, 2010 The Star/Asia News Network MALAYSIA – SUE ANNE* lost her virginity at 13 when her then 18-year-old boyfriend sweet-talked her into having sex with him. Related links: » The bare truth about teen sex » Young now reaching puberty at an early age […]

Hibiscus. Malaysia’s national flower.

September 14, 2010

Hibiscus. Malaysia’s national flower.

Think before you decide to have sex.

October 20, 2009

Think before you decide to have sex. Think before you get an unwanted pregnancy. A baby is for life, its not a toy. Use your brain before you dump the baby in a garbage bin and leave the baby to die. You should know whether is your boyfriend are ready to get married or take […]