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Gay casanova cheats 193 victims

Gay casanova cheats 193 victims

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10 Mar 2011
‘Gay’ man swindles 200 others in Malaysia
by News Editor

Some 193 young man in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have reportedly fallen prey to the same man with at least 100 saying they had sex with him before they were cheated of money, laptops and other items.

Malaysia’s The Star newspaper reports that a man, who is believed to be gay and HIV-positive, has conned some 200 men of their money and valuables besides having sex with them.

The March 10 report says some 193 men, some of whom are teenagers, have claimed to be victims of the same man with at least 100 saying they had sex with him before they were cheated of money, laptops, mobile phones and other items.

The case came to light after one victim posted a photo of the man on Facebook, and other victims recognised him. No other details about the man was disclosed.

In a recorded press conference chaired by Datuk Michael Chong, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) Public Services and Complaints Dept. Chief, several victims who had their faces pixelated revealed how they came to be cheated by the alleged conman who was described as being soft-spoken and considerate.

The youngest victim, a 17-year-old student who said he met the alleged conman through a pen-pal magazine last October, has already tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.

Datuk Chong said that although the number of the victims who have come forward was shocking they “believe there are many more who do not want to come forward due to shame.” Whether they come forward or not, Datuk Chong urged those who think they might have had a sexual encounter with the alleged con man to get tested for HIV and STIs.


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