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She lost her virginity at 13

She lost her virginity at 13

Mon, Jul 12, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network
MALAYSIA – SUE ANNE* lost her virginity at 13 when her then 18-year-old boyfriend sweet-talked her into having sex with him.

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“It was quite a traumatic experience for me. It was painful and I felt ashamed after that. But then he comforted me and we did it again. This time he was gentler, and I enjoyed it,” says Sue Anne, now 22.

She confides that she became hooked on sex and would wait impatiently for school to end so that she could rush to her boyfriend’s place.

“I felt really loved and was soon making plans to marry him,” she shares.

Things changed when she got pregnant after six months with him. He accused her of sleeping around and dumped her.

“I panicked, so I asked some of my experienced friends for advice. They told me to drink a lot of pineapple juice and eat a lot of meat. Then they said I have to jump around. To keep the pain away, they told me to drink some beer. I don’t know how, but it worked.”

Sue Anne recalls that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, and the foetus that came out was still unformed.

“It was like a big clot of blood and my friend helped me to flush it away. I waited a week for my wounds to heal and watched what I ate.”

Her “loss” left her feeling empty, and she tried to make herself feel whole again the only way she knew – by having more sex.

“I just kept on having sex with many people to fill this emptiness inside me but it did not work. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. My parents love me but I still needed the sex and loving from different boys to feel better about myself


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