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Think before you decide to have sex.

Think before you decide to have sex.

Think before you get an unwanted pregnancy. A baby is for life, its not a toy. Use your brain before you dump the baby in a garbage bin and leave the baby to die. You should know whether is your boyfriend are ready to get married or take responsibility or not if you get pregnant. If no then don’t have sex or practice safe sex.
If you thought you were ready to have sex, you should consider what would happen if you became pregnant.

I am not talking about religious part, people know about it. You should get married to prevent committing the sin of fornication or adultery. People won’t do it if they think about religious.
How if you have an unwanted pregnancy today, what would you do? Are you ready to be a mother? If yes, then good for you.

Now you have the child no matter what. It is a life that you have created, and if you are unable to take care of this child, you can do the most unselfish, loving thing, and that is to let a loving family adopt him/her. That is the choice you have to make. Don’t dump your baby..

Where did it happen?
WARNING: if viewer below 13years old, need parental advise.


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