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Elderly Chinese couple’s open letter to aspirants

Published on: Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elderly Chinese couple’s open letter to aspirants
By: Mr and Mrs Foo S.L.

WE are writing in reference to the leadership and Kota Kinabalu car sheds incident.

You will recall the case involving the existence of car sheds on government road reserve in signal Hill which blocked the access to our property that had to be resolved through court action.

We now wish to further highlight the general mentality of the occupants of those illegal car sheds. We hope that you will take this opportunity, as leaders of the Chinese community, to advise and guide the people concerned so as to help improve their mentality and behaviour.

We had previously expressed similar sentiments to BN candidate Chin Tet Min.

Trying to live off society brings disrepute to the Chinese community as a whole.

There has to be long term solution formulated and put into action.

In addition to the car sheds issue, we have also raised other issues such as their disregard for the environment, the reckless use of weed killers and herbicide, rampant littering and throwing of rubbish and the lack of sanitation and waste disposal.

With no support from you we are seen as “trouble makers”.

This area is frequented by tourists and there are people of other nationalities living in the area. The situation represents a very negative picture of the state capital and an ugly attitude of some Chinese urban “dwellers”.

We are sure you are fully aware of these people who have quoted that they are protected by powerful politicians. These politicians appeared daringly in the newspapers showing defiance of the legal process and court order and even making statements to protect them.

Gentlemen, since you are running for public office and want to represent the society as -Yang Berhormat”, it is a good time for you to instill some proper behaviour among the Chinese community you represent.

Decisions should not be made based on how many votes one can get nor must it be influenced by the flexing of muscles or gangster-type behaviour.

There are laws and regulations in place for security, public benefits, peace and protection of society as a whole.

In Malaysia, the Chinese, especially, have to move to a higher moral ground in order to gain society’s respect.

The leaders would lose their leadership role if they support people with illegal and immoral causes.

The leadership, after all, is only as good as the people they represent.

We will ensure that our votes and support will go to the people who have high moral values and ethical standings.


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