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An Elefun Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project

An Elefun Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project


Sunway Pyramid pays tribute to Pygmy Elephants in Borneo

Of late, there have been many face-offs between humans and the wildlife, as their habitats in the forests are cleared away to make room for development, as evident in the recent incident involving the 14 Pygmy Elephants which died at the Gunung Rara forest reserve and 10 more which had wandered off their range and ventured into the villagers’ plantations.

Bearing the importance of preserving the Earth and its resources for the betterment of Pygmy Elephants and other endangered wildlife, Sunway Pyramid has initiated the EleFUN Holiday: A Pygmy Elephant Project, running from 16 – 31 March 2013.

As the endangered Bornean Pygmy Elephants are facing threats from habitat loss, forest degradation, logging and illegal hunting, the EleFUN Holiday is also held to create public awareness for the vulnerable wildlife and encourage shoppers to Go Green to save the elephants.

“As we make changes for progress, let’s not neglect and disregard the importance of protecting and preserving the wildlife, particularly the Pygmy Elephants,” says Phang Sau Lian, Director of Marketing for Sunway Pyramid.

“Our EleFUN Holiday is also aimed at raising funds to be channelled to the Borneo Conservation Trust in its research and conservation efforts regarding the Pygmy Elephants,” she adds.

From 23 – 31 March, shoppers can make their donations at the Borneo Conservation Trust booth located at LG1 Main Concourse.

Visit the Pygmy Elephant sculptures, also at LG1 Main Concourse, painted by gifted independent local artists and talents who are brought in especially to provide vibrancy and colours onto the figures.

Comfort - painted by Christine Das

Comfort – painted by Christine Das

One of the artists, Christine Nalina Das has illustrated her art and life purpose into canvas and painted “Comfort”, which depicted Joe, the young calf which mother was one of the 14 Pygmy Elephants.  The painting is being displayed on the Main Concourse and is up for sale, with half of the proceeds going to the Borneo Conservation Trust.

Joyful Hope by Christine Das

Joyful Hope by Christine Das

 Wisdom and Vigilance, as adopted by Paradise Inn

Wisdom and Vigilance, as adopted by Paradise Inn

For the EleFUN Holiday, she has painted 2 Pygmy Elephant sculptures named “Joyful Hope” and “Wisdom & Vigilance”, with the wish for everybody to adopt a green lifestyle for the betterment of the endangered wildlife and the Earth’s inhabitants.

EleFUN with kids

EleFUN with kids

Besides the sculptures of the Pygmy Elephants, there are also free fun-filled workshops and activities during the weekends at LG1 Main Concourse. They include Leo & Leona Walkabout (16 & 17,23 & 24,30 & 31 March at          1pm & 3pm), Colour A Pygmy (23 & 24, 30 & 31 March at 3pm), Pot-a-Plant (30 March at 2pm & 4pm), Forest Talk (23 & 24 March at 2pm and 31 March at 2pm & 4pm), Save Energy Talk (23 & 24 March at 4pm) and Go Green With Leo & Friends Workshops (30 March & 31 March at 1pm).

One of the highlights during the EleFUN Holiday includes the Earth Hour on 23 March 2013. Not only Sunway Pyramid, but the rest of Sunway Shopping Malls including Sunway Carnival, Sunway Giza and Sunway Putra Mall are also joining in to take a stand against climate change, share the green message and switch off non-essential lights for an hour, from 8.30pm – 9.30pm.

Sunway Pyramid is also playing host for the inaugural Earth Hour 2013 Band Contest,

organised by WWF-Malaysia with support from Universal Music Malaysia. The main objective is using music as the universal language to help spread the green message

to all. 18 local and unsigned bands have submitted their green-themed music videos,  with the five with the most online votes from the public battling it out on the 23rd of March.

Sunway Pyramid has always been a strong advocator in encouraging the shoppers and community to practise green living. It is evident in the mall’s ‘Car Park Guiding System’, which encourages faster flow for cars to reduce heat and exhaust emission of Carbon Monoxide. Besides that, the mall also aims to cut down on energy consumption by introducing natural lighting inside the mall, and uses energy-saving light bulbs and elevators.

There’s no need to flush in the men’s washroom, as the mall has installed the “Waterless Urinals”, where each urinal is coated with BioCare Liquid, defragmenting urine into environmental-friendly components without using water. Motion sensors and press taps are also placed in selected restrooms to reduce water wastage.

“In order to further reduce the energy consumption, we’ve also replaced 8 units of chillers equipped with higher energy efficient tools,” says Kevin Tan, Chief Operating Officer for Sunway Pyramid.

“As we have invested RM18.6 million in the Chillers Retrofit Project, it is highly expected to produce results in annual energy savings, of approximately RM3 million,” he adds.

During the EleFUN Holiday, shoppers can also redeem an exclusively designed HEARTS Eco-Friendly Bag, just by spending RM400 in 2 receipts* (RM300 for HSBC cardholders). On top of that, the limited-edition bags can also be personalised with their own green message.

“It is our hope that the Eco-Friendly features in the mall will open everybody’s minds that it’s really easy to Go Green, and the limited edition HEARTS Bag is a great gift to spread out the Green message, either to remind yourself or your loved ones on the importance of preserving the Earth’s resources,” says Phang.

As Earth’s fate lies in our hands, let’s strive towards making it a much better place for all its inhabitants, and join Sunway Pyramid to Go Green and save the Pygmy Elephants and other endangered wildlife during the EleFUN Holiday.


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