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GE13 an eye-opener but in a bad way

GE13 an eye-opener but in a bad way

The recent GE13 is a real eye opener to all Malaysians that truly, we Malaysians are not blind, deaf and dumb to what’s been going on and what continues to go on.

These promises among others, were made to safeguard GE13, as the result of the election was understood to be the “voice of every Malaysian citizen”:

1) A clean, fair and free election including the use of indelible ink (supposed to last seven days from the day of elections) to prevent double voting.

2) Only Malaysian with valid MyKad were allowed to vote.

3) For the first time only pens were to be used.

4) That security will be tightened to secure GE13 voters.

5) That the Election Commission (EC) is a neutral party, and therefore, will not take sides.

But this is what actually happened:

1) The ink washed off the same day. It didn’t take much to wash it off, simple shower cream did the job.

2) Foreigners had MyKad. When highlighted to authorities, the reply was “if they have MyKad they can vote”. How did they get the MyKad anyway?

3) Pencils were still used in some lanes after we were told that only pens were to be used. When asked about the pencils, the answer was “If you want to vote, vote, if not you can leave”.

4) Foreigners went in and out of polling stations without being questioned or stopped.

5) The EC easily dismissed on mainstream media that the “delible” indelible ink as “only a technical” issue.

They openly admitted that anyone who holds a MyKad can vote. They also disclosed the vote results of a certain winning party first, long before other results were disclosed. Why were vote results disclosed selectively?

Such an act actually falls short of grace, dignity and national responsibility.

The mainstream media was supposed to be very instrumental in covering GE13 as it was a very important event in Malaysian history.
Unfortunately, only one party was given coverage.

If they had played their role well and professionally, there would not have been a need for the nation to use alternative media to be updated.

Very obviously, Malaysians seek the truth. In seeing this as a crucial factor, obviously, Malaysians want to be consciously informed and responsible citizens.

Aren’t the actions of the mainstream media a disgrace to honourable, responsible and accountable journalism?

It’s no more a question of win or lose. Neither is it a racial question. Malaysians have most definitely shown they have risen to a more mature level through GE13.

The question that must be asked today is whether something is right or wrong and if something is wrong, what has been done about it, if anything at all has been done about it.

The EC and the mainstream media have made their choice to either hold back, trivialise or eliminate very important information from the very nation they have promised to serve with the truth.

Isn’t that why we watch the news on TV or read the newspaper? The question is, can Malaysians be served with the truth whether it’s from the mainstream media or the EC?

The answer can only be a simple “yes” or “no”. Obviously, anything else in between is actually mischief, chaos, deceit and disunity as we have already seen, heard and experienced.

Malaysians through GE13 have come out winners in coming out courageously to speak through their votes and they have spoken loud and clear.

The process of GE13 was a total outrage against the integrity and the dignity of the human person.

Responsibility, accountability and a sincere love for the nation is the only way for the truth to be told courageously.


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