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Green Gathering 2.0 Anti Lynas Is No Joke

Green Gathering 2.0 Anti Lynas Is No Joke

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There is 15,000 People Swarm towards Kuantan, Malaysia to oppose and protest against the rare earth refinery. Green Gathering 2.0 Anti Lynas campaign is one of the biggest campaign organized by Malaysian to reject Lynas (the rare earth processing plant company) to operate in Malaysia.

Green Gathering 2.0 Anti Lynas is no joke, what is really a joke is the so called people focus BN government, Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak seems to believe and more focus on “scientific evidence” instead of his people. So all the while the 1Malaysia slogon, People First, Performance Now is a joke? Is BN Malaysia government is more about investor first, money first, party first, crony first, malay first then only people first? I do not have the answer for this but you judge by your own.

Just like public and media misunderstood Jessie Ooi mentioned about assessment rate increase is actually referring to Selangor state but not Penanag, we seems to forgot to ask BN government what is the “people” actually means in “People First Performance Now” ?


What Najib and Chua Soi Lek says about anti-Lynas rally


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