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If Kuli is so sincere about reform and changes he should leave UMNO and join one of the PR parties. All UMNO members have been proven to be robbers, directly or indirectly over the past 55 years. Enough is Enough for the RAKYAT. Show no mercy for UMNO crooks. They are all out to protect each others arse.
Has anyone noticed that Deepak is out there giving press conferences ostensibly implicating Najib and Rosmah with impunity? And guess what? He actually has the mainstream media there lapping it all up! Does anyone really believe this? Never mind Najib, but does anyone think that Rosmah will allow this “3rd class”  citizen to incriminate her and Najib and let him get away with it? Even if Mahathir is behind him to “protect” him? No way Jose! You can bet your bottom dollar that Najib and Rosmah are in on the scam.
Then we have Tengku Razaleigh at the other end of the spectrum, making all the right noises about a Truth and Reconciliation Commission etc. Can anyone connect the dots? They say, there are no coincidences in politics – especially dirty politics ala UMNO style! Of course, in another far corner, you have our mamak fellow making completely conflicting noises so as to distance himself from Kuli. Why? Because if the Rakyat find out that he is in fact behind the whole scam, no one will trust Kuli. And so, since I am now telling you that mamak is behind it all; –  DON’T TRUST KULI!!
At the highest echelons in UMNO it is common knowledge that Najib is a liability. And, come on, Najib is not so dumb as not to know that he is a liability. UMNO needs to get rid of him. And some have postulated to be replaced by Muhyiddin. No way. Mamak kutty is too clever by half to replace one liability with another. Enter Kuli. Why? Well, I wrote about this in a previous post that you can read here.
Suffice to say, Kuli is UMNO’s only hope of retaining Putrajaya. BEWARE FOLKS, the forces are in motion for Kuli to take the UMNO Presidency from Najib and hence become Prime Minister. He will lead UMNO and BNto the polls. Mamak knows that he is about the only person in UMNO that will be seen as acceptable to the Rakyat. With him, there is a good chance the votes will swing back to BN. Kuli has been saying all the right things about reforms etc. for some time now. The public think that he is the voice of reason and sensibility within UMNO. Sadly, our people are going to be fooled again. Kuli is nothing more than a puppet. Notice how not a single UMNO politician has anything to say against Kuli despite all the UMNO bashing Kuli does? Who do you think is protecting Kuli?
But Najib and Rosmah are not about to walk away without guarantees about their future. But, how to get these 2 nuisances off the hook? Especially with SUARAM and the French prosecutors now in overdrive to nail Najib? They aren’t worried about the Altantuya affair – that and Deepak are just a red herring. They have full control over the Altantuya affair. What they are really worried about is what is happening in France. They cannot influence that, nor can they bribe the officials in France etc. They have no control whatsoever over what is going on in France. Deepak is just going along for the ride because he is going to make even more money with his involvement in this. He may even be seen as a hero – as someone who single handedly forced Najib to step down as Prime Minister. When in reality, they are both sipping tea together and laughing at us. Sheez! What a farce!
So, we have Kuli making all the right noises about a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and amnesty for those who come forward etc. Knowing full well that the obtuse amongst us, including popular bloggers like Zorro and Haris Ibrahim etc will sing the praises of such a Commission and all the populist crap coming out of Kuli’s mouth, and generally whip up popular support for the scheme … err … scam actually! So, you see, the way out for our Prime Ministerial tag team has already been set. The pro opposition bloggers will support the so-called Truth and Reconciliation Commission, without realizing that Najib and Rosmah will be the first to take advantage of it, and once absolved in Malaysia, they can tell SUARAM and the French authorities to go f**c*k themselves. Double jeopardy. They cannot be “prosecuted” for the same crime twice. A few minor civil servants and back room politicians will be thrown in for good measure and the Commission will then, for all practical purposes, be wrapped up and mothballed.
In this elaborate scam that is being orchestrated by that most vile human being, is the hope that they will be able to dupe the nation into voting them all back into Government. This is something that we MUST NOT, AT ANY COST, fall for. It is my hope that all the bloggers out there will quickly get this message out to the people and warn them that NOTHING – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – will change if we vote UMNO and BN in – even if Kuli is Prime Minister. Remember this – Tengku Razaleigh is in cahoots with the national villain. It would have been different if he was not. But, sadly, he is. If at all he takes the UMNO presidency and hence the Prime Minister’s office, it will only be because that scoundrel and his cronies have sanctioned it and because a deal has been struck with him about his tenure, 2-3 years at most, and that he will then hand it over to the scoundrel’s son.
The powers that be will time all of this to perfection. It will come swiftly and with devastating effect. They will not give the Rakyat time to think or the opposition to throw any suspicions on the scam. Before we know it, we may find that we have voted all the felons, gangsters and crooks back into power – simply because we pinned our hopes on ONE over the hill, washed out politician; thinking that he may be the change we seek. Remember Pak Lah and the promises he held out? UMNO and BN will NEVER change folks – there is NO WAY but the HIGHWAY for them. Or else, we are doomed.


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