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Pa SANG style – Gangnam Style

Pa Sang style (Klang style) – Parody of Gangnam Style

GT Klang Oppa Gangnam Style

oppa gangnam style!klang boy band

Gangnam Style Parody

Klang twist in ‘Pa Sang Style’

KLANG: A new parody of the South Korean hit song and dance number “Gangnam Style” featuring Klang is going viral on cyberspace.

The video garnered almost 30,000 hits in less than 48 hours since it was uploaded on YouTube.

Called “Pa Sang style”, which means “Klang style” in Hokkien, the clip shows a group of youngsters dancing to the catchy tune by Korean rapper Psy at various locations in town from Taman Chi Liung and Sri Andalas to Bukit Tinggi and Port Klang.

There is one major difference though; the lyrics are in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect synonymous with Klang folk.

Klang natives particularly love the video as it reflects their lifestyle with scenes shot at bak kut teh and seafood restaurants, public parks and on the bridge across the Klang River.

Born and raised in Klang, lawyer Choo Dee Wei, 30, said the video was funny and nostalgic.

“The video puts Klang on the world map, and everyone will know the town better,” he said.

“I’ve seen parodies from Segamat and Sabah, but, to me, the Klang one is the best.”

Another Klang boy, Henry Yap, said the video made him proud to be “Pa Sang lang” (Klang local).

More than 30 people took part in the production, which is slightly under seven minutes including the credits, with two dozen of them being part of the cast.

“After a slew of parodies across Malaysia, it’s about time we bring you a little something from our hometown of Klang,” said producers Phuah Kin Sheng and Gan ZhengXin on the video’s YouTube page.

This latest parody joins the Sabah-style version, sung in Hakka dialect, which registered 296,000 hits in less than a month on YouTube.


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