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3 bad things Yen Yen is teaching M’sians

3 bad things Yen Yen is teaching M’sians
9:04AM Jul 10, 2012

YOURSAY ‘This is no different from a bumiputera minister making use of her bumi status to get government scholarship, even though she was rich enough to afford it.’

Yen Yen: No regrets over Australian PR status

Tailek: I don’t want to know whether Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen have Australian PR (permanent residency) or not because that is your personal matter and I couldn’t care less.

What I do care about is why Pempena (Pembangunan Pelancongan Malaysia Berhad) squandered RM50 million of our taxpayers’ money and has now gone bust. As tourism minister, please explain that to me.

Changeagent: Ng Yen Yen is teaching people three bad things:

1) Debts do not have to be settled – Tourism Malaysia subsidiary Pempena hasn’t repaid a cent of its debt of RM12.4 million to Kah Bintang despite being ordered by the High Court in April 2011 to do so.

2) Good deeds can be forgotten – the goodwill and kind gesture of the Australian government towards her son’s tertiary education can be quickly unappreciated as soon as he graduates.

3) Promises need not be fulfilled – despite promising transparency in the tender process for Tourism Malaysia’s RM381 million advertising contract, a sizable proportion of the contract was awarded to Impact Creations Sdn Bhd and Naga DBB, two companies owned by personal friends of the tourism minister (Juni Ewe and Vincent Lee).

Najib wouldn’t be too pleased with Ng Yen Yen’s example at all.

Caripasal: Her story is a testimonial of the poor education system in this country – a minister who has completely zero confidence in our education system.

This contradicts with the statement by the deputy PM that our education system is the best in the world. Can we have a head count of the children of ministers and royalty pursuing their education abroad?

Headhunter: So what does it says about opportunities for Malaysians? If the government is fair, her son would not have to go to Australia to beg the Australians to pay for his education.

How about the rest of us who can’t afford to go overseas and also can’t get a decent education at home due to the BN government racially-biased education system?

Remember Yen Yen, you and your MCA is part of the problem. You still don’t know why Malaysians are fed up with the lot of you?

I wish we were proud of you as you are of your son but sorry, we are not.

Kosongcafe: I don’t think it is something to be proud of the fact that a Malaysian minister actually used her PR status to get free education for her son in Australia.

This is no different from a bumiputera minister making use of her bumi status to get government scholarship, even though she was rich enough to afford it.

For every scholarship taken up, someone else more deserving had been deprived of it.

Unspin: I am really amazed by the sheer level of incompetence that these MCA leaders displayed. Before they opened their mouth, did they not think about the negative connotation of their comments?

By and large, I have the most respect for medical doctors because they are brilliant in their academic studies. But for some strange reason, their brilliant minds disintegrate after they joined politics.

Worse, as in the case of the MCA president, his brain has migrated downstairs – due to gravity or lust, or both – based on the stupid nonsensical and sexist comments that he has uttered on an increasingly frequent basis.

Voice: I’m curious how many MCA leaders and members has abandoned their own pride TAR (Tunku Abdul Rahman) College/University, and opted for much more costly overseas education.

Johorean: The fact that a politician like her applied for PR in another country so that her son can get free university education is proof enough that she had been disillusioned with our education system which is biased and racist.

So what has MCA done for us who cannot get an Australian PR? Is TAR College the answer? We must have access to free tertiary education for all Malaysian, regardless of races.

iVote: It is a big folly that Ng Yen Yen has let the cat out of the bag.

She revealed herself as a disloyal citizen by taking up PR of another country, with the motive to make use of their education facilities when they were better off than most Malaysians whose parents could ill-afford to do so, and yet have to make ends meet through sheer hard work.

I know of several people/teachers who had to do extra work/tuition classes to earn extra money for their sons’/daughters’ studies overseas.

Both NYY (Ng Yen Yen) and her husband are professionals, yet they were selfish in exploiting this advantage. If this had been known to all Raub voters, she would not be elected.

Victor Johan: “She had applied for PR status in the 1990s, but that she gave it up in 1995 when her son completed his studies.”

That means she held the PR status for less than five years. So Yen Yen, when exactly did you apply for the PR status and what did you declare in the application forms of your intend to obtain this PR status?

Anonymous #75854042: Monkey see, monkey do. NYY (Ng Yen Yen) is just telling her president CSL (Chua Soi Lek) that she too has the “guts and courage” to admit it over the PR issue. Both are proud of what they did.


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