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Two incidences at Kelana Jaya within the week

Ancident #1
Experiencing a robbery / snatch thief attempt @ Sunday, 24th June 2012 [2 Attachments]

To Everyone,
Please be careful when you are out especially at dark and quiet areas. This includes both men and women, alone or in groups.

On 24th June Sunday morning, around 4.30am me and my dad arrived and parked in front of Marco’s Pizza opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station. We were planning to catch the shuttle bus at Kelana Jaya Station to the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2012.

We got down and started to walk towards the overhead bridge. After a few steps, we heard motorcycles coming from the back. They rode past us, stopped in front and did a U-turn. There were 4 of them, the pillion riders got off the bikes and started to rush towards us. They were each holding metal motorbike locks (see attachment).

When they got close one went after my dad and started to swing, threaten and push him to between the parked cars. Another came after me, when I realised they were planning to rob us I threw my phone armband which I was holding towards the shop away from them. The one that came after me got a bit angry and kept shouting in Malay “KENAPA BUANG!” all the while waving their weapon over my head while I cowered and tried to avoid in case he manage to hit me.

When they realised we had nothing (we were dressed for our run so we didn’t have any bags and didn’t have our purse/wallets), his partner rode over and stopped next to me. He saw my earphones and pulled (I think that was when I lost my shuffle). The one that threaten me hop on to the bike and they rode off. I ran over to check on my dad, he was bleeding and had a cut on the left of his mouth (he got 2 stitches at the first aid vans when we arrived in KL, his shoulder was also hurt a bit – refer to Snatch Thief.jpg attachment). I managed to find my wallet hidden between the staircase bars. Luckily where I threw it, it was quite hidden and they did not manage to take it.

We were quite lucky we didn’t lose anything much monetary wise, and I was not hurt. My dad is also ok apart from the stitches and small bruises. Everyone please take care. Those people out there are now not just targeting women or anyone alone. They even target people in groups of 2 and even with a man present (like me and my dad) and we were not even carrying anything like handbags/backpacks or even wearing any jewellery!

Those who are living in Kelana Jaya or commute from the LRT station, do take note of this. Walk along the shops path way and not on the roads if you happen to park in that area. Watch out for a fat malay guy with a moustache (he looks like in his 20s so does the rest of his partners in crime), he was the rider of the motorcycle which stopped in front of me and pulled my earphones. The one that threaten me was about 5ft 1in/ 5ft 2in and slim/ small sized. I didn’t get a good look at him as he was standing against the light and was still wearing his helmet.

Pass this along to your family and friends. Take care & be safe.

* * * *
Incident #2:
Robbery & Attempt Kidnapping at Kelana Jaya on 28th June 2012.
4 armed men trying to attacked a 6 footer who knows martial arts !!!

Dear All,

My name is Ting Kian Fatt, I witness a robbery last night at Kelana Jaya, it all happened so fast, it’s so unreal, this is the first time that I am witnessing a robbery, this all happened at Kelana Jaya, and I was witnessing this robbery from the second floor of a shop lot building. The red dot in the map is where robbery happened, this was somewhere near the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

It was about 9 to 9.30 p.m. as we were warming up getting ready to train BJJ, habitually my instructor went over to the dojo’s window to see if there are any more students that are late and is preparing to come up, this is when my instructor saw there were 4 armed men wearing motor bike helmet attacking one of my senior, holding a parang/machete that is 1 and a half times longer than our forearms.

My instructor shouted and all of us ran to the window, (our dojo is on the second floor). It all happened so fast, as the robbers are distracted looking up to us at the second floor, my senior break the grip of the robbers faced the other way and run as fast as he could never looking back. He didn’t run up to the second floor dojo because he was afraid to bring the fight to us, instead he ran to the housing areas, he was lucky as one of the residents is kind enough to open their gate to let him in.

When the robbers see that my friend is running away they went back into their car, and one of them went in to my friends car and started to chase after my friend. They stopped in front of the house where my friend have seek refuge in. All of us ran down from the dojo to try and chase off the robbers, but when we are on the streets the robbers had already speed off. There is actually a security guard that is guarding the shop lot, but when the security guard saw the incident he quickly ran up the shop lot, I wouldn’t blame him as he is un-armed, what could he do against 4 men wearing helmets holding a machete.

When we talked to our senior about what had happened, what he could say is that when he arrived at the dojo there was already a Black Honda City with number place 2223 parked at dojo shop lot, he taught it was one of the new students, so he parked his Toyota Hilux in front of the Honda City and took his time to grab his stuffs, getting reading to come up and train with us. As he opened his down and got down the car one of the robbers is already beside him wearing a helmet and holding a machete, my senior tried to get back up on his car but was too late. This is when my coach went to the window and saw the robbery. My senior lost his car and all his stuff, his wallet and hand phone is in the car and because he is a business owner, the details and address of his restaurant and his home is also in the car, our first advise is to quickly call home to have family members change the lock, the call his employees to change the locks in the restaurant, then finally the banks to suspend and cancel his credit cards.

We called the police and they came 20 to 30 minutes later, with their Sirens blazing loudly to scare off any robbers that is still at the crime scene so that it would be safe for their investigation.

All of us didn’t have the mood to train the whole night and we felt very sorry for our senior, we had a brief discussion and we have come to a conclusion that when every we come to the dojo we would come early and come as a group and when ever we leave the dojo we will leave as a group. The learning that I take from scary incident is that, now a days robbers do not just want all the money in your pocket but they will kidnap you and ask you to withdraw all the money from your banks as well, and after that they will ask you to drive to your house and rob your house (just imagine if you are the only man in your house hold and all of them are ladies).

There are a few things we could do to as a precaution to prevent being kidnap by robbers.
– When you are driving alone and are about to park, stay in the car for a while look around make sure that the cars that are parked around you have no one inside them.
– Try to park closer to the entrance of any building that you are trying to enter.

My senior is about 6 feet plus with a strong body built, when I spar with him I would be nervous, just imagine if he could be attacked then it could be any one of us who are smaller and are easier targets, and for this I am really concern for all my family members who are ladies. Please share this story so that we all could take precaution against these animosity.

Kian, Ting


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  1. where is dojo?

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