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Sex scandal: ‘I don’t give crap (excuses)’

Sex scandal: ‘I don’t give crap (excuses)’

Posted on 25 May 2012


(Free Malaysia Today) – Unlike others, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek says that he does not dish out excuses such as ‘my stomach is smaller than what is seen in the video’.

A sex scandal often nails the coffin shut on a political career and few are able to rise above the dirt and re-invent themselves.

In Malaysia, where sex scandals are bountiful, one such political resurrection happened in the form of MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek.

His rivals’ secret filming of his bedroom romp may have dealt his reputation a blow but his honest admission and political acumen ensured that he returned to the pinnacle of power.

More than four years have passed since that sordid DVD revelation compelled Chua to resign as health minister, the MP for Labis and MCA vice-president, casting him into political wilderness.

But the trained psychologist, who believes that the impossible is possible, refused to be defeated even when expelled from MCA and clawed his way back to the top, with the mandate of party members.

However, the father of three’s moral transgression continues to haunt him and provides fodder for his political opponents.

In cyberspace, whenever an article quoting him is published, the comments from readers will contain a string of unflattering remarks, including references to a particular sexual stimulant, about the MCA president with regard to the scandal.

But the seasoned politician has learned to take all of this in his stride.

Chua: I don’t hide

And when FMT popped the scandalous question during an exclusive interview yesterday, Chua who appeared accustomed to such queries responded in a flash.

In defending himself, the MCA president craftily launched a veiled attack on Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose alleged sexual exploits with a Chinese prostitute was also captured on DVD.

He also made references to the infamous Lingam video on the fixing of judicial appointments.

Asked to what extent the scandal had affected him on the political front and its implications on MCA, Chua replied: I don’t know. But I know that I don’t hide. I don’t say that ‘it looks like me, sounds like me but it’s not me’.”

And in an obvious swipe at Anwar over his denials regarding the alleged sex video attributed to him, the MCA president continued: “I don’t go around saying that my stomach is smaller than what is in the video. I didn’t say that I have hidden my watch because I gave it to my wife.”

“I don’t do all those things. I said that it’s me. I made a mistake, I’ll apologise and I’ll go off. I hold on to the principle that I prefer to be defeated by the people at the ballot box rather than shameless, nameless people that tape your secret life. That is my final mental principle,” he stressed.
On that note, Chua said that it was an individual’s right whether to accept him or otherwise.

“If they can’t accept me, thank you very much, it’s your right. Nobody asked you to attend my forum. Nobody asked you to tune to the TV that has Chua Soi Lek’s face. Nobody asked you to vote for Chua Soi Lek in the party election or even in general election.”

“But I don’t hide and say that it’s not me, it sounds like me, the movement is not like me, my stomach is not that big, I have more hair, left my watch.. I don’t give all this crap,” he added.


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