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Depressing Malaysia

Depressing Malaysia
The US Congress recognises Malaysia as racist

At long last, UMNO and Mahathir are being recognised by the US
congress as being racist, the Last Apartheid Government in the World.

Let them be condemned for all the crimes they have committed against
all Malaysians, especially against the Chinese, Indians and the real
natives of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak .

This is a paper all Malaysians must read. The US government has
finally recognised Malaysia as a Racist Country which they have
avoided for nearly 50 years!

The paper is well written with facts. Malaysia being a member of the
United Nations Human Rights Commission has violated all human right
conventions so far and got away with it!

This is ONE MALAYSIA my dear friends for your children and their children

Institutional freedom.pdf (application/pdf) 746K


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