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Datuk Lee Chong Wei Car Like Lucky Number “6” for His Car Plate Number

Better luck: The plates on Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s two cars carry the number 6. – S.S. KANESAN / The Star


Datuk Lee Chong Wei Car Like Lucky Number “6” for His Car Plate Number 李宗伟最喜欢“6”的车牌号码

Lee Chong Wei Like Lucky Number “6” for His Car Plate Number

The number plates on Datuk Lee Chong Wei two cars are 6. His latest house address is No. 6.

In August, he will be competing in his sixth World Championships in London.

And he is hoping that six will be his lucky charm as he bids to become the country’s first world badminton champion.

“Six has been a lucky number for me. I am going for my sixth world meet and, hopefully, I will be lucky enough to win it this time,” said world No. 1 Chong Wei after a training session at Stadium Juara in Bukit Kiara yesterday.

“In Chinese, the digit six refers to luck also. And I think, I may need some of it this time after falling short in my previous world outings.”

Chong Wei has gone through a roller-coaster ride in his five previous World Championships campaigns.

He enjoyed a splendid World Championships debut in the United States in 2005, performing better than his seniors to reach the semi-finals.

He was a quarter-finalist in 2006 (Madrid), 2009 (Hyderabad) and 2010 (Paris) and he made it to the third round in 2007 (Kuala Lumpur).

Chong Wei said that his obsession with number six began when he won his first international title at the 2004 Malaysia Open.

He was then presented with a car registration plate bearing the number 6 by Ling Hee Leong, the son of former Transport Minister Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik.

“The unique gift meant a lot to me because it was my first international title. Since then, I have been winning titles. So, I decided to stick to number six as my lucky charm. I tend to go after this number whenever I am in a position to choose,” he said.

If Chong Wei wins the Indonesia Open, it will be his sixth title of the year.(From The Star Press)

李宗伟最迷信数字“6” 六度战世锦赛盼破咒登顶












“今年将是我职业生涯第六次出征世羽赛,之前成绩最好的一次是2005年,当年我首次参赛就打进4强,但在半决赛不敌陶菲克,带回铜牌,但之后就未曾再闯进半决赛,今年我希望能够有所突破,甚至成为大马首个登顶世锦赛的球员。”李宗伟此前分别于2005、06、07、09与2010年出征世锦赛。” (据星洲日报报导)

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