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‘I know I’m a woman’

‘I know I’m a woman’
December 29, 2011

A video story of a transgender undergoing rituals to dedicate her life to provide service to Bauchara Matha, the protector deity of the transgender community.

PETALING JAYA: This is a video story of a person who wants to feel liberated. Sharan wants to live her life in her own way, without any pressures from the prying and judgemental society.

Sharan was born as a man but in the following years, she realised that she had more female attributions in her.

“I was born differently…and I have decided to embrace it (the female attributes) instead of fighting the two genders,” she said.

And now, after having decided on how she wants to live her life, Sharan has opted to become a nun by dedicating her life to Bauchara Matha, a deity who is known to be the protector of the transgender community.

“I am getting married to God…to provide services to God and the people. I have no room for any man or any relationships,” she said.

“Legally my MyKad might say I am a man. I am not bothered by it. You can’t take away how I feel about myself…I know I am a woman,” she said.

Filmmaker Arvind Raj followed Sharan on a journey of several rituals that are rarely performed and never recorded on film before.


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