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‘PAS 5’

Sarawak polls: Get to know the ‘PAS 5’


Haji Adam bin Ahid a native from Sebuyau, a full time party activist, is PAS state commissioner for Sarawak.

Adam, 62, is married with four children. He is a familiar face among the Chinese and Iban peoples in Sebuyau. He faces a three-cornered fight against incumbent Julaihi Narawi of BN-PBB and Ali bin Semsu, an independent candidate.

In 2006, Sebuyau which is located under the Batang Lupar parliamentary area, saw a straight fight between PKR’s Mohamed Akek against Julaihi. Julaihi had retained the seat with a majority of 2,448 votes by polling 3,748 votes against 1,300 votes obtained by Akek.

Total Voters: 8,042
Malay/Melanau: 64.26%
Chinese: 3.85%
Iban: 31.77%
Bidayuh: 0.11%


Nani Sahari will lead PAS’s quest to wrest Tanjong Datu state seat from incumbent Adenan Satem from BN-PBB.

Nani, 42, originates from Kampung Pula, Petra Sarawak and is a graduate of UiTM in 1993.

She presently works at a clinic in Sarawak and PKR Sarawak’s Wanita chief in 2009 before joining PAS last year.

She faces BN’s Adenan and independent candidate Gilbert Asson Kulong.

Adenan had last won the seat by garnering 4,545 votes against Sobey Daub (PKR) 409 and Larry Dominic Linang (independent) 357.

Total voters: 7,936
Malay/Melanau: 53.06%
Chinese: 19.63%
Iban: 17.34%
Bidayuh: 9.97%


Abang Ahmad Kerdee bin Abang Masagus is a vibrant youth who has became an icon for Sarawak PAS.

Ahmad’s good looks have proved to be popular among people in Beting Maro, getting celebrity-like status here.

A lawyer by profession, Ahmad hails from Sibu, and is married with two children. The third out of seven siblings, he graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, and is the legal advisor for Sarawak PAS.

He faces a straight fight against Razaili Gapor from BN.

In 2006, incumbent Bolhassan Di @Ahmad (BN-PBB) defeated PAS’s Alem Din by polling 2,796 votes against 1,901 votes.

Total voters: 7,868
Malay/Melanau: 90.42%
Chinese: 1.47%
Iban: 8.11%


Abang Eddy Alyanni bin Abang Fauzi, 34 was PAS’s sole candidate during the last state election in Batang Lupar parliamentary seat, where he was defeated by BN-PBB’s Rohani Abdul Karim.

At present, Eddy is the Sarawak PAS Youth Chief and also PASTI director for Sarawak.

Eddy faces a three-cornered fight involving Aidel Lariwoo (BN-PBB) and Mahayudin Wahab (independent).

In 2006, incumbent Wan Wahab Wan Sanusi from BN-PBB defeated PKR candidate Plee Ling by a majority of 858 votes, garnering 2,715 votes against 1,857 votes obtained by Plee.

Total voters: 7,656
Malay/Melanau: 82.84%
Chinese: 7.64%
Iban: 9.42%
Orang Ulu: 0.01%
Others: 0.09%


One of PAS’s two female candidates, 49-year old Noraini Hamzah of Kelantan has been living in Sarawak for over 30 years since her marriage to a native from Muara Tuang.

This mother of two children is known as a ‘superwoman’, juggling between her business life, a part time housewife and a strong party activist.

Noraini is the former PKR Sarawak information chief before she decided to join PAS.

She faces incumbent Ali Mahmud (BN-PBB), the brother to chief minister Taib Mahmud. There was a controversy during the nomination day, when Ali was almost disqualified from contesting after failing to submit his 2006 election’s financial return before nomination period ended.

The Election Commission however decided not to award the seat to PAS without a contest.

In 2006, Ali won impressively with 7,863 votes after defeating Abang Ibrahim Abang Othman (PKR) and Jong Nyuk Chan (independent).

Total voters: 18,820
Malay/Melanau: 52.65%
Chinese: 15.63%
Iban: 18.85%
Bidayuh: 11.45%
Others: 0.42%


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