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Marina Mahathir on Negara Ku

Marina Mahathir on Negara Ku

Marina Mahathir on Negara Ku

Interesting! She really made a point here, read on!
A comment posted on Marina M’s blog in response to an article on the

Some self-appointed defenders of Islam including the chief of “1
Malaysia ” have insisted that Catholics should use “Tuhan” instead of
“Allah” to address the Catholic or Christian God. But in the national
anthem, “Tuhan” (not “Allah”) bless the country (…Tuhan kurniakan…).
How now ?!!!. If Malay-Muslims are that easily confused as portrayed by
some politicians, they must be thinking that Malaysia is blessed by the
Catholic/Christian God, and the Muslim God “Allah” is perpetually on

Perhaps, this confusion may cause the government to change the national
anthem by replacing “Tuhan” with “Allah” But then again, non-muslims
will not be allowed to sing the national anthem. Then it would be
non-muslims’ turn to be confused. If this issue goes to the courts, even
the judges will get kepala pening.
So much for “1 Malaysia “!!!.


One Response to “Marina Mahathir on Negara Ku”

  1. Marina, what you have said here are right.TQ for the sharing. I think as Malaysian we have to be more tolerant so that we can live together in peace and harmony.

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