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Apple iPad is fast becoming the item for working professionals

Apple iPad is fast becoming the item for working professionals
Wednesday, 26 January 2011 00:00

Apple iPad took the world by storm back in 2010 and became the must have gadget for all.
Unknown to many, Apple was not the first company to introduce a tablet to the market, however, they were the one who made tablet so desirable that everyone wants to own one.

The Tablet PC was first introduced by Microsoft, back in 2001, to facilitate a different type of mobile computing with HP releasing their own Tablet PC, the timing was probably not quite right as the response was not as ideal as they had hoped it would be.

Nine years later, Apple’s decision to launch the iPad received a raucous welcome from professionals and students alike, and won over many new fans to the brand, further strengthening the brand image after the successful launch of the Apple iPhone.

The iPad has a 9.7 inch diagonal screen, with a 1024×768-pixel resolution backlit by LEDs and the device’s dimensions are 242.8mm x 189.7mm x 13.4mm, approximately the size of a magazine.

There are two main variants, with and without 3G capabilities, apart from the difference in storage size (16GB, 32GB and 64GB).

The iPad on its own is not able to make calls, but users can utilize applications like Skype to make Voice over IP calls by pairing it with a blue tooth device.

Although the Apple 1GHz A4 processor has some power, it is however, insufficient to run heavy applications and games.

Working on the iPad requires some hands on getting used to, as even though the iPad has a huge virtual QWERTY keyboard, most users would prefer to have a physical keyboard.

On top of that, the 680g iPad is pretty hefty to hold for an extended period of time.

While Apple has thrown in iWork (Apple’s version of Microsoft Word), syncing documents to and from the iPad will require iTunes, thus making sharing documents an extremely cumbersome task.

So what drives professionals to buy an iPad?

“I find it very convenient to use, especially when I have to show my portfolio to would-be clients, so I don’t have to carry a heavy laptop around all the time,” said Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia.

Business owner Joe Choo told Klik4Malaysia (K4M) that he bought the iPad because of its wide range of available applications.

“I am more impressed with the iPad’s usage time. I could watch a movie and continue to stay online for 4 hours as it only consumes about 20% of the battery life,” he said, adding that one could never use a laptop for that long without recharging it.

Meanwhile, Ho, a sales manager for a company involved in the sales of construction vehicles said that he had opted for the Samsung Galaxy Tab instead of the iPad.

“I think that functionality wise, both are the same. Although the iPad (9.7 inch) has a bigger screen compared with the Galaxy Tab (7 inch), it is also heavier and much bulkier.

“The Galaxy Tab fits in one hand and is more convenient for me to bring along when I visit construction sites to show my potential customers the brochures and other marketing material,” he explained.

“The only difference is that I can make calls (including video) on my Galaxy Tab while it is still not possible to make calls on iPad, except through skype,” he said.


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