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Basic Caving Course 2011

Basic Caving Course 2011

18 Mar 2011

Most people think of caves as the homes of the prehistoric men. What kind of excitement could one possibly expect from an ancient shelter? For nature lovers, caves concealed a captivating beauty within. Furthermore maneuvering inside a cave can be physically demanding with vertical climbs and crawling. Join us to have fun whilst learning of the wonders of caves and experience something different! You will learn about geology, the flora & fauna of caves, knots and rope works while appreciating the cave formations. Abseiling, which most previous participants considered as the most exciting event, is something that you must experience at least once.

The Basic Caving Course will be conducted in Kota Gelanggi, Pahang from 18 March to 20 March 2011. We will leave for our 3 days/ 2 nights course on Friday morning (18 March). Our course will start with a theory session on Friday, March 18 at the Auditorium hall in Kota Gelanggi. You will be introduced to the wonders of the caves via slides, presentations and sharing sessions. There will also be hands-on knots tying session and caving equipment introduction. After the session, it will be free and easy for the rest of the day.

The following 2 days (19 and 20 March 2011), we will embark on our adventure caving in the Kota Gelanggi Caves in Pahang.

The cost will be RM380 for members & RM450 for non-members. This will cover 2 nights chalet accommodation, 2 breakfasts, 1 tea & 2 dinners, along with the group fund and insurance.

Transportation is via car-pooling. As safety is a priority, all participants would need to get their own helmets & torches (we will guide you on purchasing them).

So, do join us! To register, do call or email Ryan Loke (012-2327418/ or Nick Hoo (012-3122803/ or Yin Tuan (012-2919828 /


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