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Lets use the One vote to kick the racist out…are you awake

Lets use the One vote to kick the racist out…are you awake

Once he gets your votes, you will become si pendatang,si pelajur, ‘si mata sepet’ & ‘si botol’ again…remember this!

Remember BN won under Badawi in 2004? After winning, most essential goods went up. All of us suffered in the process and still suffering today. Why S’pore can buy a decent mixed rice for S2.50 and Malaysia will cost RM4.00. The people are paid almost the same salary but in different currency only. If a S’porean worker is paid S$800/month, a M’sian worker will also be paid RM800/month. But look at the money value!!! A S’porean worker is able to save more by buying cheaper food & goods. K

Dear fellow Malaysians – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sabahan, Sarawakians, ………. BN/UMNO has been around FAR TOO LONG – 1/2 A CENTURY. Our so-called “VOICES IN PARLIAMENT” has become muted and dumb ! They have betrayed us ….
Do you still want them around to continue plundering the country and be like ” A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP ?” They will destroy EVERYTHING (those not destroyed yet) .

Richard Loh

I cried when reading Najib’s speech delivered by his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin at the 2nd World Chinese Economic Forum. I cried not because of happiness nor recognition but the insincere and hypocritical treatment of the Malaysian Chinese by the PM.

They can keep on bashing the Malaysian Chinese of being ungrateful, pendatang, prostitutes, si-sepet and claiming that they do not need the Malaysian Chinese votes to stay in power. No one can questions their imaginary ketuanan and special rights. The PM and also their president was very brave with his threat while giving his umno speech.

Now in sick bed and facing the real threat of losing the 13th GE without the Malaysian Chinese supports, the PM takes the opportunity of the 2nd World Chinese Economic Forum to beg for the Malaysian Chinese votes. He has no choice but to recognise that Malaysia will not be what it is today without the Malaysian Chinese support.

Now we want to see what Umno, Perkasa and Mahathir have to say about this speech by Najib.

“Malaysia would not be what it is today without the industry, expertise and dedication of the Malaysian Chinese community,”

“Likewise, there will be a bleak future for Malaysia without the Chinese community’s support. We would clearly fall short of reaching the goals to become a developed nation by 2020.”

He added that the community formed the backbone of the Malaysian economy through its small and medium enterprises.

This speech can prove only one thing, that Malaysian Chinese can survive without any government’s handout and do not have the time to quarrel or argue about the ketuanan melayu and their special rights, 54 years have shown that.

Speeches are just speeches and they are meaningless without action. We have heard many nice and juicy speeches by the PM regarding Malaysian Chinese and to date what actions have been taken. The racist school principals and the PM’s senior aide are not punished for the crimes they committed.

By allowing Umno, Perkasa, Mahathir and Utusan to spin and twist everything in sight into racial and religious issues prove that the PM is in Somniloquy Mode.

As a Malaysian Chinese, I am calling all others not to be sucked in by the PM’s nice speeches. He is good to you now because he wants your votes. Once he gets your votes, you will become pendatang again, you are ungrateful and if you do not like it you can go back to China. We are not beaten twice shy but many times over.

The only way to ensure that we remain recognised as a true Malaysian with equal rights and opportunities is to let Umno-BN sit as opposition for at least two terms come the 13th GE. Only then will Umno-BN learn to behave and appreciate each and every Malaysian. –

“We don’t need Chinese and Indian to win the election” Johari Ghani, MD of C.I Holdings Bhd (Pemanis), UMNO Titiwangsa
“The ‘si mata sepet’ that has never gone to a mosque or surau only has one vote. The ‘si botol’ that only knows how to go up to Batu Caves up and down only has one vote,” said Hamim (of BTN).

Wake up ‘si mata sepet’ & ‘si botol’, voting Barisan Najis is like agreeing that you are a ‘si mata sepet’ or ‘si botol’. Don’t be stupid to vote BN…your vote is not needed. Lets use the ONE vote to kick the racists out….are you awake?

Source: Fun Email


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