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What Happen To Malaysian Football?

What Happen To Malaysian Football?
By: MagicTouch

The Malaysia national football team is the national team of Malaysia and is controlled by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM). It has never qualified for the World Cup finals, although the team did qualify to play in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. However, Malaysia did not take part after heeding a United States-led boycott of the Games due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

Malaysia, 167th in FIFA rankings, would still be able to make some major changes. FAM should organize an academic talent programmed, start training players as young as five years’ old, set up coach education programmed and review the Malaysian league and football club licensing.

The youth system in Malaysia is growing, football being the favorite sports of Malaysians has helped spur the growth of the youth system. Malaysia are currently coach by local lads Sathianathan. As for the world cup, it has always been the dream of Malaysians to have their national team in the World Cup, although I personally don’t see it happening in the near future, because the team still lacks a little in experience, skills, etc. But with the youths coming up, we might have a good shot at maybe the 2010 World Cup. The Malaysian league is quite popular, although it must be said, only the teams that are doing well (on top) receives the best crowds. I guess some fans are not as dedicated as their counterparts all over the globe, whereby they will support their teams through thick and thin. Malaysians however tend to be fickle and support the teams that are doing well at the moment.

So far Malaysian footballers have not done well outside of Malaysia, and this however is slowly changing as new players like Titus James Palani, Akmal Rizal are making their mark overseas. Titus is now in France, while Akmal returned from a stint in Germany. Currently there are two young Malaysian in EPL club academy, Azwan Hasahar at Fulham and Mohd Naim Ahmad at Birmingham City. Azwan is a winner of Soccastar reality TV show and Mohd Naim brought to Birmingham by Steve Bruce himself when they do trial here at Malaysia.

Malaysian footballers don’t earn as much as their counterparts over the globe I reckon. Their earnings vary from RM 2000 to RM 20,000 (500 to 5000 USD) per month. Some of the top players in Malaysia League are Ahmad Sharul Azhar, Akmal Rizal, Keita Mandjou, Chipeta, Khalid Jamlus and national captain, Shukor Adan.

There are several factors that people believe contributed to recent lack of quality in Malaysian football. One of the main talking point is back in late 90’s there are so many players were sacked because of their involvement in bribery. And sadly they are all good players. I think that is the turning point that causes Malaysia Football so boring to watch.

Some also said Malaysian should not squarely blame the footballers. Malaysian instead must pull up a rope over the officials’ neck and say that they are the guilty ones. It’s funny how our Malaysian politicians often tend to come up with so call quick but expensive solutions without proper study made on the causes of failures.

What ever the cause, Malaysian will always love football. Every party must take responsibility to improve the situation. All the best to Malaysian football.


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