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Powerful Bomoh In Pahang For Power And Wealth

Powerful Bomoh In Pahang For Power And Wealth
September 2008

According to the New Straits Times, Indian astrologer G. Suresh has predicted that Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim will not be able to take over the government today (16 September 2008)

G Suresh was reported as saying that according to astrology, “The planetary position at 7am on Sept 16 shows that Jupiter is in the house of Sagittarius and this favours those (already) in power”.

The astrologer said that “forces for change” will only start “gathering power” after Oct 23 next month.

He nevertheless did not explain what he meant by “forces for change gathering power”. This could mean any damn thing ! Well, after all, astrologers are better bullshitters than lawyers and politicians.

G Suresh continue saying that there is a possibility of a change in government after Oct 10, 2010 because apparently Venus will be transiting Malaysia then and we would enjoy financial benefits.
He did not clarify but he my imply Abdullah Badawi transferring power to Najib Razak .

Feng shui consultant Henry Fong was more impartial about anything of significance happening today. He told the newspaper that “There are neither auspicious nor inauspicious energy influencing this day”.

Henry Fong said that today is “An ‘open day’ is suitable for worship, engagement, marriage, business, signing agreements, house warming, moving house, commencing work or business (after a break), assuming office, general repairs and construction”.

Politics And Politicians

As Malaysians are superstitious. It is difficult to separate everyday life from superstition and religion. Politics in Malaysia, is no different. It well known that politicians themselves seek astrologers, bomoh, feng shui masters etc to cause supernatural forces to influence the political results in their favour. It is a well known fact in Malaysia that the general elections or party elections are when bomoh’s make money from politicians. Politicians believe that bomohs and other spiritualists can obtain success for them through higher powers.

In the last recent general election astrologers and feng shui consultants were also consulted to predict the results. And this was what they said – read: feng shui and politics.

In this region there are a variety of bomohs. There is the Indonesian bomoh (bomoh Indonesia), the Malay bomoh (bomoh Melayu), the indegenius people bomoh (bomoh Orang Asli, sometimes also called bomoh Sakai or bobohizan) and the Siamese bomoh (bomoh Siam or Tok Cha).

Then each bomoh sepcialises in different areas of expertise. There is a bomoh politik (whose clients are mainly politicians), bomoh artis (whose clients are mainly artiste), bomoh wang (for those with financial needs), bomoh nombor (for those gamblers who bet on 4D lottery), bomoh ilmu hitam / sihir (bomoh’s who uses black magic), bomoh urut (bomoh who heals using massage theraphy), and there is also a bomoh seks (presumably bomoh’s who specialises in love and sexual matters). Bomoh make use of animal sacrifice, plants, herbs followed by jampi (magic spells) in their rituals.

By reputation, the bomoh Siam apparently is the most powerful and ruthless amongst all other types of bomohs in this region. It is believed however the bomoh India (Indian guru / priest from India) is more powerful than the bomoh Siam. The hierarchy is as follows:
Bomoh India
Bomoh Siam
Bomoh Indonesia
Bomoh Melayu
Bomoh Orang Asli

For those who can read Malay this article is interesting – Jampi Siam Vs. Jampi Melayu

In Malaysian culture, it is common for people wanting to hear cerita bomoh (bomoh stories). The are so many cerita bomoh that it will take a lifetime to hear them all. However, one interesting cerita bomoh worth knowing is about a powerful bomoh who lives in the forest of Pahang.

This bomoh is feared and respected in this region for his extraordinary powers acquired under training from two renowned bomohs – a famous Indian guru and a talented bomoh Siam. Amongst bomohs, having this kind of pedigree is greatly revered. This is similar to someone having a degree from Harvard and Oxford in circular careers.

Powerful Bomoh In Pahang For Power And Wealth

I was warned not to ever tell anyone this story, as it could get me into trouble. After thinking about it for a few days I’ve decided to tell this story which I heard from secret sources.

There is an old powerful bomoh who lives in the forest of Pahang who is highly sought after by top politicians and businessmen in Malaysia and even from Singapore. He is apparently an expert in what is commonly known as black magic.

People claim that he has studied under Indian guru Sri Lumi Muruganesha Thelima and the Thai monk Luang Nongkran Daeng in the black mystic arts, to become a bomoh of very high caliber in this region. Legend also has it that his powers comes from his possession of the Taming Sari and other relics from ancient local warriors and sorcerers.

It is reported that he is so powerful that should he decide to “do something”, results can sometimes be seen and felt almost immediately. It is widely known that he has helped many ordinary people become powerful politicians and successful businessmen. It is rumored that he has assisted five Malay and two Chinese politicians get elected as MPs and State Assemblymen in the recent general elections.

It is nevertheless very difficult to meet him. It is believed that only those who are fated will be able to consult him. This, however, has not stopped politicians and businessmen (or potential ones) from attempting to gain his favour. These people will use many ways and means to gain audience with this bomoh.

As he lives in a cave deep in the forest which is not accessible by road, those who intend to meet with him have to hire an orang asli guide in Jerantut town in Pahang. From Jerantut town, one has to journey by foot to his cave which is approximately 25 kilometres away. Walking in the jungle by foot is no easy feat as there will be hazards that you will have to overcome. Wild beasts, like tigers and wild boars roam freely here. Attacks by these animals are common in this part of Pahang. Also, forest spirits are known to “disturb” and test people passing through “their territory” – you can fall ill or become insane if you are not emotionally strong.

I will relate to you how this bomoh helped a hawker in Puchong, Selangor. Thomas (not his real name) dropped out from school after Form 3 to help his parents at the pasar malam. Then, over many years after attempting various business opportunities in MLM and Insurance, he ended up as a hawker selling pork mee at a coffee shop in Puchong. This corner coffee shop is next to Tesco supermarket- Its called Kok Siong Restaurant. Business was sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Anyway, Thomas heard about this bomoh about 4 years ago. As he had nothing to lose, he decided to go to Pahang to meet this bomoh and only within two years he become a multi millionaire – he now owns a car workshops in Puchong, a pub in Kuchai Lama, a pub in Cheras, one slimming and beauty salon in Taman Desa and two massage parlors in Pandan Indah. He lives in a medium sized bunglow in Cheras and has two Mercedes and one Honda Civic. Thomas achieved all this in a very shot span of time. He is still expanding his business despite the recession and is thinking of going into politics.

If you’re fated enough to meet this bomoh, you too can achieve wealth like Thomas in a short time. Before meeting this bomoh, you’ll have to observe certain pantang (prohibitions). For two weeks before your trip, you must abstain from eating meat and drinking alcohol (yes, you must be a vegetarian) and you cannot have sex or indulge in any sexual activities (yes, that includes no masturbation or watching porn).

Anyway, you do not have to go to all the way to Pahang immediately to meet the bomoh. You can also get good blessings from the bomoh for wealth or any other desires, if you recite the bomoh’s name and a secret matra. Do this when you first wake up every morning and just before you go to bed at night. If you do this, you will see the results in a few days, guaranteed. And you must promise to visit the bomoh in Pahang to give thanks once you’ve obtained your desires. Try this.

The bomoh’s name and the secret mantra is very powerful. Follow these instructions very carefully. You must have great respect for the bomoh’s name and the secret mantra. I have already warned you.

Step 1 – say bomoh’s name 10 times
Step 2 – take few deep breaths and sit still
Step 3 – click the link to read the secret mantra
Step 4 – recite the secret mantra

Important: Do Step 1 first – before clicking the link to read and recite the secret mantra, you must first say the bomoh’s name 10 times (10x). Just say it slowly and softly. This is to break any curse and bad luck.

The bomoh’s name is Tok Memuri Temu Sarji (tok meh-moo-ree ter-moo sar-jee).

Once you have recited the bomoh’s name slowly and softly, for 10 times, take a few deep breath and sit still for a few seconds. Once you are comfortable, then click here to read this secret mantra.

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