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Spinning out of control

Spinning out of control
Friday, 17 December 2010
by Raja Petra Kamarudin

There is a massive spinning exercise going on to shoot down the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) even as it taxis on the runaway and before it can take off.

Never mind what the MCLM has to say or the explanation given at the two-hour forum in London on Sunday, 12 December 2010.

‘Please don’t confuse me with facts. Please don’t use logic. I will believe what I want to believe and not listen to the truth.” That appears to be what many are saying.

I suppose this is also how most religionists take people for a ride. They will tell you to forget about logic, facts or evidence and to just have faith.

The number one spin is that the MCLM is a ‘third force’.

Number two: third force translates to three-corner fights.

Number three: the MCLM is idealistic (meaning not realistic or practical).

And with that the MCLM must be opposed.

Malaysians are divided into three groups. One group supports Barisan Nasional. The other group hates Barisan Nasional. The third group does not care a damn who the hell forms the government.

From those who hate or oppose Barisan Nasional, one group supports Pakatan Rakyat exclusively. The other group will support any idiot as long as it opposes Barisan Nasional. The third group wants to see real and genuine change in Malaysia and refuses to exchange one lump of shit for another lump of shit.

The question is: which group do you come under? Some will support any idiot as long as it is not Barisan Nasional. Some only want Pakatan Rakyat and no one else. Then there are those like me who want to see real and genuine change and will not support just any idiot just because we hate Barisan Nasional — so no exchange of one lump of shit for another lump of shit like what many are saying below.


Idealistic ‘third force’ will keep BN in power

‘Pit such an idealistic philosophy against a united BN, and this will be the best guarantee for BN to rule for another 50 years.’

Haris Ibrahim: We are not the third force

Wira: Dear Haris Ibrahim, a third force will only benefit BN. If you want to change Pakatan Rakyat, join one of its component parties. Otherwise within MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement), participate in the next GE under the umbrella of Pakatan.

The opposition is still not strong enough to topple BN and statistically speaking, using historical data, there will be a swing towards BN in the next GE following a strong showing from the opposition in the last elections. Don’t fail to learn the lessons from Galas and Batu Sapi.

ONG: Haris emphasised that the movement is not a political party, had no plans to be one, and yet it is going to select candidates for the next elections.

Either he mistook general elections which are definitely political in nature for a social club election, or they are indulging in double talk or are just giving us a puzzle to solve as a pastime.

The political philosophy of the MCLM, he said, is that candidates selected for a general election would only need to have allegiance to the rakyat. It is amazing that a normally very intelligent person can believe that such idealism can work in present-day Malaysia, where allegiance to the rakyat can, and most likely will mean that every individual rakyat will lay claim to a piece of his ‘wakil’ (representative).

We have already seen how the Malaysian rakyat, even Pakatan supporters, makes individual and personal demands on their ‘wakil’. Pit such an idealistic philosophy against a united BN, and this will be the best guarantee for BN to rule for another 50 years.

Kee Thuan Chye: If neither coalition wants the MLCM candidates, they should not stand as Independents. This will take the votes away from Pakatan and merely help the BN cause.

Proarte: MCLM will have to be radical by Malaysian standards and that means conforming to international norms of democratic governance and being unashamedly secular as per the constitution. It should reinforce the idea of equality of all citizens before the law.

Affirmative action will be based on need and not race. Islam will have its official role however all religions will be accorded equal respect and dignity. Freedom of worship will be emphasised.

There will be no ‘Muslim agenda’ which has been a disaster and has led to unnecessary division and strife in our country. The fact that Lina Joy’s lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar has been co-opted as the first prospective candidate is encouraging.

MCLM will have to ensure that ‘ketuanan Melayu’ and ‘ketuanan Islam’ as a political philosophy will be unequivocally confined to the dustbin of history.

Paul Warren: Easily said, but doable? I’m rather sceptical about that. Unfortunately the Malaysian voter has still not grown up and looking for the wrong things in their politicians. They would find people like Malik Imtiaz rather difficult to understand, although it would be people like him who we need in Parliament.

Umno needs more of people like Bung Mokhtar Radin. But his usefulness is limited to putting his hands up when needed. Both he and his Umno patrons know that is all he is good for, anyway. — Malaysiakini


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