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Police Keep Watch Members Involved in Corruption

Police Keep Watch Members Involved in Corruption
Posted on the December 10th, 2010 under Local News by Pinvader

KUALA LUMPUR: Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has its own mechanisms for monitoring and dealing with cases of their members and officers involved in corruption.
Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said he has always berhubungdengan each department within the police service is to monitor any manaanggota involved and take action.
“We are always striving to continue to monitor the content of any members and officers involved in corrupt activities.
“We also have their own mechanisms in all police departments to tackle corruption among them by taking appropriate action,” he told reporters here Friday.

He said this when asked to comment on the decision made tinjauanyang Transparency International Global Corruption (GCB) 2010 yangmeletakkan that the police is seen as the most corrupt political party 4.1/5.0diikuti ratio (4.0/5.0) and Member of Parliament (3.4/5.0).
He said police need the cooperation of all parties in providing information to them on any member or officer of the people involved in corruption.
Ismail said, was to enable them to conduct an investigation before taking further action to reduce and eventually eliminate the cases involved.
According to him, all members and police officers need to establish the integrity of the team to be responsible for combating crime, including crimes of corruption that can be done more efficiently and effectively.
However, Ismail did not disclose the number of members involved in corruption and have been subject to disciplinary action.
Investigation Director Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Mustafar Ali said it was receiving a lot of information from the public relating to misconduct of law enforcement officers such as Police and Customs Department.
He said that any institution or department in a large scale (number of members of the public) that control a variety of services and enforcement mudahterdedah the issue of corruption and discontent from the public. “Based on statistics MACC, since the number of enforcement is high, then they risk involved.
“Not only corruption but also the issue of public discontent terhadaptaraf their services. Examples are not satisfied with the actions of local authorities who did not pick up garbage, clogged drains, the long grass. Information was also received other complaints of corruption, “he said.
Transparency International Global Corruption (GCB) 2010 is a common tinjauanpendapat involves perceptions and views on corruption and bribery usahakerajaan address.
Survey results released today formally involved 1,000 respondents in rural and urban areas with the survey in person.
In Malaysia, apart from the police is seen as the most corrupt, the study also showed that public confidence is low or is not satisfied with the absence of ‘big fish’ is caught in a high-profile corruption cases.
Commenting on the perception that, Mustafar said the number of ‘big fish’, which refers to the highest officials or influential people in a department or a government that is very low compared to ‘small fish’.
He said these factors are difficult for them to arrest ‘big fish’ in addition to high profile cases will require time to be resolved.
“Cases involving top officials and high profile cases are usually time-consuming and complicated to involve the transfer of funds abroad and limiting the power of our existing.
“The case involves the support staff or subordinate (small fish) is not as difficult cases of high officials, and sometimes just involve falsification of documents,” he said. – BERNAMA


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