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UMNO ASSEMBLY – No need Chinese & Indian votes.

Dear All Malaysians,

Please listen to this U TUBE by Ex KFC CEO Johori Ghani , the head of Titiwangsa UMNO , Who said we don’t need Chinese and Indian votes to win the election.

He is the shareholder of Pemanis that produces PEPSI, MERINDA , TWISTER Orange /appple juices and DEW.

Let us boycott his drinks and let him feels the big hole in his pocket and teach him a lesson. It is time we show this bastard who he thinks he is.

Please forward this to all your friends as we do not need this type of coporate animal who discrimates and yet wants to make our $$.

Maybe next they will say they don’t need sabahans and Sarawakian votes…don’t be surprise!!

YOU be the Judge !

Please erase the sender name.

Thanks and enjoy it.


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