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KP SAMY must go soon

Samy Must Go Soon to Give Enough Time for His Successor to Prepare for
Contributed by Anonymous on Tuesday, June 08 @ 08:44:16 CDT, June 08 2010

Fresh from his second sacking from MIC, K P Samy has been a grass root member of the party with 37 years of experience in politics and public service. He joined the party at the age of 18 and, ever since then, he had been a vocal critic of its president, Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu. An ardent supporter of former deputy president Datuk S Subramaniam, K P Samy came out 19th among the 23 elected Central Working Committee (CWC) members in the party elections last September.

Malaysian Digest caught up with the outspoken businessman/politician at his office in Klang recently to get insights on the MIC crisis, Gerakan Anti Samy Vellu (GAS) and the possibility of him joining the Opposition if his appeal to be reinstated into the party is rejected.

Malaysian Digest: What are some of the things you are dissatisfied about with Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu and MIC?

KP Samy: As a long-serving party member, I see that the party has already been in the hands of Samy Vellu for 31 years. Of course he has contributed to the Indian community in the initial stage during 1974 to 1990. That was when we saw him at his best and that was the time when he showed real concern towards the community – there’s no doubt about this. But after twenty years as party president he felt that his position was shaken when Tan Sri Pandithan, Datuk Pathma and S S Subramaniam defeated of his official line-up – Datuk Muthupalaniappan, Datuk Mahalingam and Datuk Pasamanickam – and, from then on, he started taking his revenge by clearing over 300 branches overnight. Around 60,000 to 70,000 party members were sacked from these branches. This was one of the initial drastic actions he took. Before that, in 1987, he expelled (M G) Pandithan, two CWC members and other key supporters (of S S Subramaniam).

Since 1990, he (Samy Vellu) was only interested in protecting his self-interest and he’s been running the party solely for the benefit of himself and his cronies with the instigation of endorsed line-up system. This way, only his people would fill the leadership posts. He would use his presidential power to put pressure so to make sure his line-up wins (in party elections).

From 1990 and 2008, 90 percent of CWC members and vice presidents are his men. This indicates that one man controls the party since 1989 until now. The change only came when I was a CWC member in 2008 where I made sure I voiced out and criticized (the party leadership) in the last nine meetings. I also dug into all the information which is due to the community and argued that we should practice transparency. I didn’t become a critic of Samy Vellu only recently. I have been vocal ever since I joined the party in 1974 so it’s nothing new to Samy.

So it’s not fair that he’s been a president for 31 years. Our concern and Barisan’s concern is that any new (party) leader needs sufficient time to gear up for the next general election. He never gave a concrete statement of giving the party to a new leadership. He didn’t even specify exactly when he’ll be exiting (his presidential post). He just said in eight or nine month time. He can always extend it to another two months. If he extends until November 2011 then he can still call for a new presidential election. This would make it difficult for the current deputy and acting president in facing his cronies – Subramaniam and his team. So the chance of retaining a united party and Palanivel (acting president) winning the presidential post becomes a question mark.

On top of that, there will be in-house fighting while in a matter of six months or one year the party has to face another general election. With the party being a divided by two-camp politics and the lost of Indian support how are we going to concentrate on the general election let alone win it? If we do badly like in 2008 there will be no future for the party. Our concern and Barisan’s concern is the identity of the party and that MIC is the only party which sends a message to the whole world that Indians are living in this country and we are among the strongest among the political parties in this country.

As I always had said, thank god the opposition don’t have a stable and strong Indian party. This gives an extra benefit to MIC to sustain and retain our identity as Indians in this country.

MD: We’ve heard from several former MIC members complaining that they were dissatisfied with the party as their voices are not being heard let alone were they allowed to voice out their opinions as the party is being dictated by Samy Vellu and his cronies. Is there any truth in this?

KPS: As a former CWC member, even I feel very sad about this. A few of us had advised for a good move and when we made a statement on this. I don’t see anyone justifying (our statement). Other than that everyone else has been keeping quiet. It looks like all of them are only interested in protecting their positions and government appointments (as oppose to the party as a whole and the welfare of the Indian community). This group, which is aligned to the party president, are enjoying the perks and benefits at the expense of the Indian community. These people are the cause of MIC’s failure and also not in the position of contributing to the community. Their self-interest exceeds the common interest and the party interest.

How do feel about the poor turnout At the first GAS gathering recently?

In my capacity as an experienced politician I told Mugilan that our expected crowd is 5,000. There are so many things we didn’t take into account and he was speaking on emotions when he exaggerated the expected crowd in his statement. I told my friends including him that our expected crowd of 5,000 was achievable so that’s our target and we better stick to it. He sent a message, based on the response from Facebook, that the expected turnout would be 15,000.

The are reasons (for the poor turnout) are, firstly, the party president, as a powerful leader with all his political machinery were blocking people from attending. He also threatened to sack those who attend and that there’s no police permit being issued for the gathering. On top of that he said that there will be chaos if people were to attend the gathering. Conformation on the venue was not confirmed until 24 hours before the event. The location is an isolated area far form the city.

All those who came only turn up after 3pm when it was suppose to start at 2pm. This is because most of them cannot locate the place.

Was there any truth in the claim by the youth chief T Mohan that Umno has something to do with the booking of the hall in PWTC where the GAS gathering were to be held initially?

Booking of any halls are done under a government officer’s name. This is possibly for the reason that they don’t want to give it to anyone without knowing the background of the person. Another thing is Mugilan had already paid the deposit and was holding the receipt which he produced in a press conference and handed to the police station before making a copy. If the accusations of Umno’s involvement is true you can call Mine’s Resort now.

It was agreed that that the cheque issued for the payment of the hall would only be cleared after the event. Even now they are still negotiating on paying in instalments. The hall is not fully paid. Since Mohan is so concerned and had called PWTC to check on who made the booking now they can call and check with Mines Resort.

I had also sent a message to them (Mohan and his team) that if your house strong and have good negotiation power in the current leadership there would be no third or fourth party coming in. We are running the party on fear mode and solely to protect one person’s interest. 31 years is long enough. We are smelling that there’s something else in his agenda.

By not specifying when he will leave his post, he could adjust the date of his resignation to nine to eleven months. If he extends it until November, he has the power to dissolve and call for a fresh election (as per the party constitution). He can call for an election between December (2010) to March (2011) to create his own leadership. Another catch is the new acting president can declare for postponement of the party election to one year later. In between that time all the witch hunting, sacking, rebuilding, forming of new branches propelling of his cronies. This way all his cronies can come in for their benefit and advantage while the community again lose out from this proxies and cronies.

Why now? Why hasn’t anyone from the party voice out earlier?

Indian community is a poor community and they are (easily) controllable. The party constitution can be amended as per their needs whenever they want to. Even lately when (one of the) two extra CWC members appointments were given to his son Vell Paari, we were all shocked and wondering where the two came from including the existing CWC members. But the whole party and CWC members never realised that at the last assembly they amended the constitution in order to increase the quota for CWC members by two. Only with this new quota did Vell Paari came in.



GAS cancels rally, plans anti-Samy VCDs
Tue, 08 Jun 2010 18:47

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By B Nantha Kumar

KUALA LUMPUR: Gerakan Anti-SamyVellu (GAS) is going ahead with its mission to topple the MIC president despite attempts to derail it, said the movement’s founder and sacked party member V Mugilan.

The former MIC deputy Youth chief, in dismissing reports of GAS’ irrelevance, said the movement will be launching 500,000 VCDs soon detailing Samy Vellu’s failures in relation to the Indian community.

“There is no truth that GAS has no support. It is utter rubbish. Everyday I attend to hundreds of calls giving me support.

“It is obvious that GAS is not dead and Samy Vellu should stop trying to kill us off,” he said, referring to rumours that the embattled chief had spent millions trying to quell GAS.

Speaking at a press conference today, Mugilan said the next step for GAS was to flood the market with the 30-minute-long VCDs.

“We have produced it in Tamil and English. It’s our next move to shove him (Samy Vellu) out.

“GAS has been effective. Before we began our campaign, Samy Vellu said he will step down next September.

“Within three weeks of our existence, he told an MIC function in Negri Sembilan that he will step down if the government gave him a good option.

“Then at the Johor MIC AGM, he declared that this would be his last and most recently in Selangor he said he will carry out a major reshuffle in party ranks within six months.

“All this means our pressure on him is working,” said Mugilan.

June 13 rally shelved

Mugilan also said that the next GAS gathering, scheduled to be held in Klang on June 13, has been called off on grounds of “public safety”.

“We heard that Selangor MIC was planning to stir some trouble at the rally.

“Our main concern is public safety. We do not want Samy Vellu’s supporters to make trouble at the rally. We don’t want fights.

“So we decided to defer it. We will face Samy Vellu in another rally soon. But I want to remind him to stop wasting his money trying to stop us.

“He should put the millions to better use,” said Mugilan.

Also present at today’s press conference were former MIC central working committee members KP Samy and G Kumar Amman, both sacked from the party by Samy Vellu for criticising him.

GAS’ first rally against Samy Vellu in Kuala Lumpur last month attracted about 5,000 people, far fewer than the expected crowd by the organisers.


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