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Corruption 1 bed = 1,670,000.00 ringgit – Malaysian Hospital

Corruption 1 bed = 1,670,000.00 ringgit – Malaysian Hospital

PWD goes silent on overpriced Hospital Shah Alam
by Hazlan Zakaria
More than a month after allegations of irregularities surfaced over the Shah Alam Hospital project, the Public Works Department (PWD) has yet to respond to the questions raised.

Last month, Malaysiakini reported source-based claims that the contract was awarded under debatable circumstances and at an inflated price of about RM500 million to Sunshine Fleet Sdn Bhd, a company owned by a member of the Selangor royalty.

The company has allegedly been skimming off project funds for ‘advances’ and ‘expenses’, and also stands accused of harassing companies it had engaged as sub-contractors. It has refused comment, saying that queries should be directed to PWD which ‘owns’ the project.

Since then, PWD secretary-general Judin Abdul Karim – who signed the letter awarding the contract – has not been available for comment, despite repeated phone calls to his office.

The matter was referred instead to Judin’s special officer Zulakmal Sufian, who requested that the questions be emailed to his boss, with a copy to him.

This was duly done on Dec 10 and Zulakmal confirmed receipt by phone. He later indicated that the questions had been addressed by Judin and that the response would be sent when public relations officer Saipol Anwar Mohd Raji has reworked it.

Among the questions were whether the contract was awarded in an open tender or if it was directly negotiated and why the cost has escalated from the original allocation of RM300 million.

When contacted, Saipol said he is unaware of the email and the response and asked for the questions to be forwarded to him. This was done on Jan 5.

He acknowledged receipt the same day, pledging to revert with a response as soon as possible but has yet to do so.

Prior to this, sources close to the PWD confirmed the existence of an internal report that was commissioned to address the issues, together with a list of answers to Malaysiakini’s questions.

However, the source implied that the matter is being held up pending approval by Works Minister Shaziman Abu Mansor.

Yesterday, Saipol said his department has yet to go through the response because the personnel “are busy with more routine matters”.

While he apologized for the delay, he could not say when and if a response can be expected.

“Hint of corruption”

Transparency International-Malaysia president Paul Low has questioned whether the contract was awarded through a fair and open tender process.
“Were there submissions by other contractors? Did the PWD evaluate the submitted tenders in an objective and professional manner? Was the awarding of the project made in keeping with best practices and in the interests of the public?” Low (right) asked.

Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance president Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, when contacted, said, “If there is any hint of corruption or abuse of power, then the MACC must step in to investigate. If any fraud is seen, the police must step in.

“We cannot compromise in our fight against corruption and other criminal acts of a financial nature, irrespective of the personalities involved. Nobody is above the law.”

The 300-bed hospital is slated to open in November.
by Perak Boleh – 10 hours ago
RM500 million for 300 beds hospital @ 1.67 million for each bed. At this price a nice luxury bungalow can be build in Shah Alam. What is new in Malaysia? With greedy politician and incompetent civil servants plundering the taxpayer’s monies I wonder when will Malaysia be bankrupted MACC this job is too big for you. Only individual with alleged misused few thousand ringgit are your target. BN politicians, Royalty and civil servant are all above the law. MALAYSIA BOLEH


5 Responses to “Corruption 1 bed = 1,670,000.00 ringgit – Malaysian Hospital”

  1. Greedy…

    • The cost is cannot be laterally equate as such. Must look at the detail of the contracts before making any acusation. Building hospital is a complex project, there are many expensive component/equipment involved depending the on the hospital function per say. The cost per bed is based on the average af all those components. So, be fair in making any judgement.

  2. Tree root barrier…

    […]Corruption 1 bed = 1,670,000.00 ringgit – Malaysian Hospital « One Malaysia Community[…]…

  3. 20 years ago the thumb rule for hospital development in JKR was RM 1 million for 1 bed. Therefore it is fair to say now it cost RM1.6 for 1 bed. As mentioned by previous respondant that hospital is a complex building, where the building services comes up to 35 to 40% of the cost of the project. The building superstructure only cost 25% but a the medical equipment may sometimes cost 40% of the project cost. As such, the cost of 1 bed means that all the services directly and indirectly connected and supporting to that 1 bed . What is important is whether that company being awarded the tender is capable of develop or produce at the end of the project “value for money hospital. Substandard projects are result of passing the buck projects. Most JKR projects end up to the “third party” to finish the job.

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